See how the United Press International logo has changed over the years by looking on the left side of this page. Other UPI logo designs, brochures, pins and materials are shown below.
(Photos Courtesy of Bob Lowry)

"Old" UPI Logo

UPI News Logo

Alternative UPI Logo

"A UPI MAN IS AT THE SCENE" Unipressers Logo

Design for logo of a Unipresser and a UP Photographer, both drawn while in action

UP Photographer logo

1980s UPI Logo

UPI News Pictures Logo

UPI News Logo

UPI 50 Years of Broadcasting Service Logo

1988 Seoul Olympics UPI Pin

1990s "Shaping Knowledge" Logo

UPI Logo on 1990 Brochure

UPI Logo (2004-2007)

UPI Centennial Logo
United Press / UPI Plackards
Evolution of UP into UPI
UPI Trademark
In use since May 24, 1958
UPI 75th Anniversary
Back of UPI's 75th Anniversary Report
UPI promotional booklet
From the early 1970s
UPI Promotional Materials
Buttons, label, tag, keyholder, staple remover
UPI Victory Ties
"Victory ties" received by UPI staffers in 1986
1989 Annual Report
Infotechnology's 1989 Annual Report
UPI Stickers
Variety of UPI stickers - old and new (courtesy of Dennis Kinsella)
2001 Logo Design
UPI logo as approved by VP Lary Moffitt on May 11, 2001, and designed by Pier Angelo Beltrami of Culture Design