United Press Associations formed
Suffragettes confront London police
American auto wins round-the-world race
Taft off for Panama to research canal
Roosevelt first flight by ex-president
Supreme Court decision breaking up Standard Oil
Sinking of the Titanic
10,000 storm Ford factory seeking work
Assassination -- Tragedy of the Hapsburgs
World War over Servia threatened
Silent Russian crowds mourn Lenin
Harry Houdini dies in Detroit
Lindbergh wins prize, first solo flight across Atlantic
Billions lost before market sounds bottom
Japan stuns world, withdraws from league
New Deal responds to middle class need
Five baby girls born to Canada farmer's wife
Mussolini pledges "Pax Romana"
Suspect charged with murder of kidnaped Lindbergh son
Allies land in France in greatest amphibious assault of all time
Big Three plan unconditional surrender terms for Germany
Japanese ex-premier admits war guilt after suicide attempt
The assassination of Mohandas Gandhi
North Koreans drive within four miles of Seoul
New ruler weeps at news of king's death
All the world mourns dead British monarch
Lines 2 miles long wait at Stalin bier
Hungarian proletarians fought the hardest
Khrushchev warns U.S. against Cuban invasion
East Berlin a city under siege
JFK denies U. S. planned Cuba invasion air cover
More than 200,000 rally for civil rights
War begins in Mideast
Soul session in Vietnam
The fall of Spiro Agnew
Nixon Quits on TV Tonight; Ford to Take Oath On Friday
Fall of Vietnam
The king is dead - his subjects mourn
Three Mile Island reactor beyond repair
Reagan shot in chest, gunman held in D.C.
Thatcher: "Great Britain is great again"
Reagan wants to meet with Gorbachev
Challenger explodes shortly after liftoff
Chernobyl reactor still burning
Baghdad Radio: Saddam orders troops out of Kuwait
World reacts with shock to Gorbachev ouster
L.A. riot claims 38 lives, surpassing 1965 Watts riots
Bush announces new trade pact with Mexico
Gore's concession speech
Eyewitness describes plane assault on WTC
UPI's 1996 interview with Bin Laden revisited
Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor
UPI Exclusive: No mad cow tests in Washington