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In 1958 United Press International launched the first wire service radio network, the UPI Audio Network. In 1960, subsidiaries included UFS, the British United Press, and Ocean Press. Over the years, a staff of remarkable UPI reporters and anchors covered some of the late 20th century's biggest events, including the space race, the six day war, and the 1984 Olympics. UPI Audio was discontinued in 1999.

Pye Chamberlayne
UPI Radio Correspondent
(1962-1966, 1969-1999)
Howard Dicus
UPI Radio Network Anchor
Bonnie Erbe
UPI Radio House Correspondent
Lou Giserman
UPI Radio Network News Director
Sonja Hillgren
UPI Radio Agriculture Correspondent
Sofia Mannos
UPI Radio Network Anchor
Jonathan Petersen
UPI Radio Religion Correspondent
Don Rollins
UPI Radio Network Anchor
Al Rossiter
UPI Science Editor
Bill Small
UPI Radio White House Correspondent