1907: E.W. Scripps

Did You Know?
In 1945 UP launched the first all-sports wire
Newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps combines three regional news services into the United Press Associations, which begins service on July 15. Scripps founded United Press on the principle that there should be no restrictions on who could buy news from a news service. This formula made UP a direct threat to the monopolistic and exclusionary alliances of the major U.S. and European wire services at the time.

"I regard my life's greatest service to the people of this country to be the creation of the UP...I have made it impossible to suppress the truth or successfully disseminate falsehood. The mere fact that the UP can be depended upon to disseminate news that is of value to the public makes it not only worthwhile to put out such information but positively dangerous to withhold it"

-E.W. Scripps

UP pioneers transmission of feature stories and use of reporter bylines.

UP begins cable service to the Japanese Telegraph News Agency.